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Why are Seventh-day Adventists interested in your health?

America's longest living culture, Seventh-day Adventists see the body, mind and soul as organs that responded favorably to fresh air, sanitary and hygienic principles. Further, they see a balance between work and conditioning exercise. A special emphasis had been placed on self control issues such as abstaining from injurious tobacco practices, alcohol, the avoidance of patent remedies of the day in favor of natural remedies, the increased care for hygiene and sanitation, and a strong emphasis on plain and simply prepared foods. Today in 2020, the United States is in a health care crisis and costs for care are spiraling out of control, yet many illnesses can be prevented by proper care of our bodies. Seventh-day Adventists focus on total health, through diet, exercise, and a spiritual focus because we believe that as humans we can live a much happier and healthful life following the principles given by God - thus we feel an obligation to help others live a more vibrant and healthy life.


Knoxville’s first Vegetarian Restaurant 1926 run by  Seventh-day Adventist, Dr. R.A. Lovell for whom "Lovell Road" is named.

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Getting to know Seventh-day Adventists


Seventh-day Adventist Health Worldwide

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