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Do you want to learn new ways of plant based cooking or baking? Would you like to visit vegan or plant based restaurants, visit and enjoy other locations, walks, lunches, road trips and more while enjoying plant based meals (with lots of Gluten Free Plant Based Foods)? Visit with plant based doctors and plant based nutritionists? We'll take trips with our group to beautiful locations, walk in the sunshine and rain, smell the flowers and just enjoy life in general. You can get most of the information on this site, but why not join our Veggielink Meetup to be notified via e-mail of events. Best of all meet and mingle with others following the same lifestyle!

Total plant based cuisine for everyone, deliciously simple.

Our goal is to provide a social environment that encourages Rapid City, South Dakota community residents to live a simple, wholesome and healthier life through exercise, plenty of sunshine, spiritual growth, and a total vegetarian, whole foods plant-based diet.) Please join with us as we share whole food plant based recipes and information. We've placed lots of information on this website to keep you informed of events and opportunities in East Tennessee (where we used to live, now we are in Rapid City, South Dakota) to learn and sample delicious plant based foods. Much of the information here is related to the Eastern Tennessee area but we will be adding new information for the Rapid City area.


Why not join our "meetup" site for notification of ongoing events 

Check here for NEW events & Plant based dinners every month!

You might want to also join our meetup walking group

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